Dec 28 / Joni Roberts

2023 Word of the Year is Authentic

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The Blurring of Reality

As artificial intelligence (AI) accelerates the blurring of what is real, Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for 2023 is authentic. With deepfakes, manipulated images and videos, and AI authored books and papers becoming more widespread, we can find hope knowing authenticity is still highly valued.

America's oldest dictionary defines authentic as:

1. real, actual, not false or imitation;
2. true to one's own personality, spirit, or character;
3. worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact.

Other aspects of authentic are being trustworthy, genuine, and sincere. 

Authenticity is essential to developing our innate emotional intelligence (EI), where we understand our feelings and needs and can cultivate life experiences that reflect our true purpose and values. It's how we become trustworthy, genuine, and sincere in relationship to ourselves and others. These qualities are also the gold standard for what makes great leaders, brands, and companies. 

Blending AI and EI

How do we best navigate the inevitable expansion of artificial intelligence while maintaining a sense of what is authentic and trustworthy? As the world is moving quickly into machine learning, life-like robots, and AI that can outthink humans, we are presented with the challenges of managing the negative, and potentially disastrous, outcomes.

Machines, like humans, need to be guided with high ethical standards. Just as humans thrive in healthy relationships with one another, the same is true for humans and machines. By tapping into the essentials of emotional intelligence like empathy, openly listening, and compassion, we can activate the positives of AI to solve problems and cocreate optimal conditions and experiences.

At its best, AI can spark imagination and innovation across every industry. It has the potential to greatly improve education, healthcare, and a myriad of social issues while speeding the transformation to renewable energy and a circular economy. It can inspire creativity in arts and entertainment, infusing our lives with joy and sensory experiences. The good is already happening and with applied wisdom, the future can be a better version of the world we are living in today.

Cultivating Authenticity

Evolution University is rooted in 2023's word of the year. We believe authenticity, empathy, and compassion are the foundation for building a better world. This is why we've created unique practices, books and journals to help you and your teams develop these skills. Check out our online courses and start your learning journey today!
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Wishing you an abundance of authenticity in 2024!


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