Learning Journeys to Spark Imagination and Action for a Better World

By improving the lives of people and the condition of our planet, together we can create opportunities for greater prosperity. From grand global challenges to impactful local initiatives, Evolution University provides online learning journeys, coaching and consulting services, and educational curriculum to support individuals, organizations, and universities to be sustainability leaders. Our global community of changemakers provides opportunities for diverse groups to cross-pollinate ideas and knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Ways to Get Started


   Sign up directly to join our global community and take our courses.

  Set up a changemaker profile and access the sustainability focused Evolution Newsfeed and Resource Hub. 

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  Access online training for individuals, teams, and enterprise levels.

  Join existing on-demand courses or ask about private cohorts. 

  Engage our founder, Joni Roberts, to lead your organization through trainings and the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework. 


  Integrate our problem solving EVOLVE Sustainability Framework into courses and campus activities.

  Offer learning content as modules, semester courses, and capstone projects.

  Inquire about consulting services, customizations, and collaborations. 

Learning Philosophy

Evolution University's sustainability content and curriculum is designed to upskill individuals, professionals, and university students to take action for social and environmental sustainability. 

5 Essential Mindsets

Our learning content is grounded in the 5 Essential Mindsets representing the core attitudes, beliefs, and skills that help us imagine and take action to #EvolveOurWorld: global, compassion, abundance, growth, and changemaker.  

Core Teachings

Our flagship product is the newly created EVOLVE Sustainability Framework™ featuring the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Approach™. One of the biggest concerns voiced by professionals is figuring out how to get started and go farther with sustainability initiatives. The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework addresses this issue and does it in a way that is simple yet engaging, impactful, and robust.

By prioritizing stakeholder needs, then moving through the process of evaluation, imagination, innovation, and implementation, we can take actions that create a better world. The answers emerge in a highly participatory way where the knowledge of your team comes forth and is blended with new insights and ideas. The integration and application of these teachings is a pathway to embedding social and environmental sustainability into your organizational culture and centering it as a driver of strategic success.

The Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Approach

The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework

Alignment to Global Goals and Standards

Evolution University's content is aligned with the global goals that unify us such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change-- teachings that are missing from traditional university textbooks, especially in the fields of business, marketing, technology, engineering, architecture, agriculture, and healthcare, leaving many graduates to enter the workplace without the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to address today’s global challenges. When individuals, organizations, and universities are unified in achieving the global goals, together we can make positive change happen faster. 

Start Your Learning Journey

GET STARTED on your learning journey by joining our free community and following along on social media.   
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Social Media
Follow our social media series: Monday Mindsets, Evolve Our World, and Compassion Hacks to learn how you can make a difference. Find us by following our unique hashtag across social media: #EvolveOurWorld.

GO FARTHER in your learning journey by taking a course and engaging in coaching and consulting services.   

Coaching & Consulting
1. Inquire about private instructor-led trainings and coaching for Evolution U courses.

2. Engage in consulting services to lead your teams through an EVOLVE Sustainability Journey featuring the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Approach.
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