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By improving the lives of people and the condition of our planet, together we can create opportunities for greater prosperity. From grand global challenges to impactful local initiatives, Evolution University provides online learning journeys, professor-led consulting services, and educational curriculum to support individuals, organizations, and universities to be sustainability leaders. Our global community of changemakers provides opportunities for diverse groups to cross-pollinate ideas and knowledge in new and exciting ways.

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Learning Philosophy

Developing people in the mindsets and skillsets to achieve the global goals and create the future we want.

We are living through a time of great transformation where we are tasked with imagining how we can live in harmony with nature and one another. The path we've been on, especially in the past 50 years of consumption-driven economics, is stressing the planet and causing global crises related to pollution and degradation of our air, land, water, forests, ecosystems, and societies.

To overcome these issues, we are in the process of developing an evolving design of commerce where people and the planet thrive in the process of creating products and services. This requires different skillsets and ways of thinking and being than any other time in the history of humankind. We need to harvest the best of everything we know, undo the worst practices affecting people and the planet, and create a future that is brighter for everyone.

Evolution University's courses map to the top skills and competencies for today and the future. According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report for 2023 - 2027, the most important skills are those that empower people to be agents of change. This is radically different than previous reports which were more focused on specific job titles than the qualities of thinking and being. The top ten skills for the future are: 

  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Resilience, flexibility, and agility
  • Motivation and self-awareness
  • Curiosity and lifelong learning
  • Technical literacy
  • Dependability and attention to detail
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Quality control

In 2022, Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group released their Talent and Skills Survey, a culmination of intensive research into 15 companies on the forefront of sustainability innovation and change. The research identifies a global skilling crisis for cognitive competencies represented by:

  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Circular thinking
  • Futures thinking

Evolution University's learning journeys integrate the above skillsets and more. Learning journeys are designed to upskill individuals and workforces to become sustainability leaders that identify and solve problems for people and the planet while building purpose-driven organizations that create value across all stakeholders. Leaders that take bold action and influence others to adopt to new ways of being that create a cleaner, greener, more beautiful and prosperous world.

The 5 Essential Mindsets that EVOLVE Us, and Our World

Evolution University's sustainability curriculum is grounded in mindsets that represent attitudes, beliefs, and skills that need to be developed within ourselves and manifested through actions in the outer environments. In 2020, our founder, Joni Roberts, identified five mindsets that help us imagine and take action to achieve sustainability: global, compassion, abundance, growth, and changemaker. These mindsets were cultivated and taught for 15 years as a business professor across diverse courses from leadership and organizational behavior to innovation and sustainability to global strategy. The mindsets map to the top skills and competencies needed for sustainability leaders as well as those they influence throughout organizations, in communities, and across supply chains.

Unique Tools and Frameworks

Our flagship product is the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework™ featuring the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement™ process. One of the biggest concerns voiced by professionals is figuring out how to get started and go further with sustainability initiatives. The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and learning journeys address these issues by prioritizing stakeholder needs, then moving through the process of evaluation, imagination, innovation, and implementation.

The answers emerge in a highly participatory way where knowledge comes forth and is blended with new insights and ideas. The learnings empower individuals and teams by building skills and competencies, strengthening the organization through its people. The integration and application of these teachings is a pathway to embedding social and environmental sustainability into your organizational culture and centering it as a driver of strategic success.

Alignment to Global Goals and Standards

Evolution University's content is aligned with the global goals and standards that unify us such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement on climate change (UNFCCC), and risk management approaches like ESG (environmental, social, governance) -- teachings that are missing from traditional university textbooks and corporate training programs, leaving many in the workplace without the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to address today’s greatest challenges. We believe when individuals, organizations, and universities are unified in achieving the global goals, together we can make positive change happen faster.

In 2023, Evolution University became a United Nations Global Goals Partner to amplify efforts to achieve the goals.

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