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Compassion is a mindset and a skillset proven to be essential for creating better relationships and a better world. This course shares insights on how to cultivate greater capacity for compassion and empathy for people and the planet while increasing your ability to connect as leaders, collaborators, and changemakers. A $149 value, this course is offered free to everyone as part of Evolution University's spirit of giving.

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4 hours of content with an interactive eBook, videos, worksheets, notes & quizzes.

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What people are saying  

Bavana Maharaj

Chemical Engineer
South Africa
This course is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind course! Thank you to the course coodinator(s) and Evolution University for the knowledge you have imparted and motivation to be more compassionate. The course was well-structured and I loved the entertaining videos and book recommendations. I will be recommending this course with as many individuals I can!

Chris Byers

Venture Capital Fund Manager,
I love how Evolution University has set the foundation for its coursework with a BOLD INTENSION to develop organizational leaders in the skills of compassion, empathy, and mindfulness.

Rohan Aurora

An excellent compact course to learn and integrate compassion, empathy, and resiliency. The content is enlivened with insightful videos and challenges to reinforce a compassionate mindset. 

Josephine Catuogno

I really enjoyed the MOREcompassion course. I feel that it helped me to dig deeper and hone in on the skills I already had. This course will ultimately help me to connect and communicate better with others.

What people are saying  

Jay Charvat

Delivery Excellence Leader, Johnson & Johnson
Jacksonville, Florida
People need to live more, feel more, love more, care more and look after Mother Earth and eliminate unconscious bias towards all creatures.

Debbie Delgado

Environmental Consultant
jacksonville, Florida
It is encouraging and inspiring to know this class is available to help people develop more compassion and empathy skills for one another and our world. These skills are so important. I gained some interesting insights and will be revisiting the course to further explore some of the topics. 

Mohamed Salah Nouira

Biologist, Ministry of Education
In addition to the course topic , the presentation of the course and the writing script are awesome. Very interesting. Thanks to Evolution University. 

Sitti Fatimah Abd Samat

Student, UNI-SZA 
I'm so thankful for this course, because I can more concern about my feelings and also to the people around me, thus care about the mother earth. I especially like the part on "Be a Light and Be the Change."
Be a light and be the change

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This course truly touched my heart. I think more people need to take this course in order to create a world filled with happiness and compassion.

Jenny Burnstein, USA

I got value from the entire experience. I love how you incorporated the importance of the SDG's.

Lisa Giuliani, USA

Sharing a course with my friends; got inspiration for my personal project to spread an impact. I also learned how to recognize my needs and label my and other's emotions. 

Van Anh Tranová, Czech Republic

Before enrolling in this course, my perception of the world had a different view. After completion of this course, I can proudly say that I see the world in a better way. All thanks to Evolution University.

Michael Adigam, Nigeria

The course was very informative. I liked learning about ways to make a more sustainable environment.

Kean University Student, USA

I gained the most value from topics on anger management and compassion. Everything was worth reading, one of my best projects ever. 

Kean University Student, USA

Meet the instructor

Joni Roberts, Chief Evolution Officer, Evolution University & Founder, MOREcompassion

With a passion for empowering people through education, Joni combines her unique experience in entrepreneurship and higher education with a mission to create a more joyful, prosperous, and sustainable world. In 2012, she became involved in the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. and nonviolent communication (NVC). Today this is expressed through MOREcompassion, a movement to challenge us to include MORE in what we care about and take action to improve.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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