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At Evolution University, you are given the opportunity to make meaningful impact. This is where you will enhance your skills as an inspiring changemaker, collaborator, innovator, and leader. 

We are looking for passionate people to join our team to learn, grow, and work together to help solve the world's most pressing social and environmental sustainability problems.

REMOTE Graphic Design Intern for new Shopify T-shirt Store

Evolution University is a startup that offers online education in the fields of social and environmental sustainability. We are preparing to launch a Shopify T-shirt store and need help with creating designs using our logos and adding some fun elements. We are a socially and environmentally sustainable brand and designs will be made to appeal to people who are passionate about these movements and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Skills needed are Adobe Illustrator and others in the creative cloud and the willingness to grow and learn. 

  • In addition to creating designs with EU's existing logos, you may work directly with established artists to integrate their art into designs.
  • Learn on-the-job how to co-create a Shopify website and integrate the store with social media sites like Facebook. 
  • Additional help is needed with in-design or similar to layout brochures and some professional pieces. 

  • The internship can be in exchange for up to 3 credits at most universities. 
  • You will develop a real world portfolio of identifiable work and receive valuable mentoring.
  • 100% virtual company.

You will work directly with the founder of Evolution University, Joni Roberts, who lives in Jacksonville, FL. This is a remote position with weekly Zoom meetings and using collaborative tools to communicate throughout the week.

HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume, a link to your portfolio if available (or attach examples), and a brief letter of interest by answering the following questions:

1. What have you done so far to prepare yourself to take on a role in graphic design?
2. How does your interest in this position align with Evolution University’s mission and vision?
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