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At Evolution University, you are given the opportunity to make meaningful impact. This is where you will enhance your skills as an inspiring changemaker, collaborator, innovator, and leader. 

We are looking for passionate people to join our team to learn, grow, and work together to help solve the world's most pressing social and environmental sustainability problems.

We hire for mindsets and skillsets.

To support the Global Goals, Evolution University has identified Five Essential Mindsets™ representing the core attitudes, beliefs, and skills that help us imagine and take action to #EvolveOurWorld. These mindsets shape our work culture, standards for behaviors, and are integrated into all of our educational offerings. As a team member, you will continue to learn and grow into developing the mindsets and skillsets that contribute to building better relationships and a better world.


Social and Environmental Sustainability Consultants

Evolution University has exciting plans for growth by engaging leaders in the fields of social and environmental sustainability as consulting professors and educators. We've created the infrastructure through our practices, frameworks, and online courses that develop the mindsets and skillsets for individuals and organizations to solve problems for people and the planet while creating innovative products and services. 

Our consulting philosophy: We believe in guiding organizations to become the highest version of themselves by developing people and teams through knowledge transfer and skill development. Our role is to provide the environment to spark imagination and meaningful action for people to meet today's moment for a cleaner, greener, more compassionate workplace and world. 

Role: You will be collaborating with Founder and Chief Evolution Officer, Joni Roberts, to learn the practices and grow a consulting business. We are looking for people who have experience in building better workplaces by developing purpose-driven organizational cultures that make a positive impact on people and the planet across all stakeholders. 

: A demonstrated passion for transforming the way we do business to be in harmony with people and the planet. An educational, training, and consulting background preferred. Humble yet optimistic nature with a servant leader spirit. Diverse knowledge across sustainability topics and curiosity for continuous learning. Open mind and open heart. You know what you don't know and realize it takes a team to succeed. Willingness to cultivate the five essential mindsets of global, compassion, abundance growth, and changemaker. Knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other global frameworks and principles that are guiding the sustainability movement. Entrepreneurial spirit to grow the line of business together. 

Income: Shared revenue and online course sales.

Location: Anywhere. Evolution University was born global and wherever you are, we can work with you. We are based in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

How to Apply: Send your resume, LinkedIn, and a brief email or letter of interest by answering the following questions:

1. Share more about your long-term interest and potential in growing a sustainability consulting business.
2. What have you done so far to prepare yourself to take on this role?
3. How do your values align with Evolution University’s mission, vision, and mindsets?
4. Tell us more about your experience in the topics of social and environmental sustainability as aligned to the UN SDGs and/or similar global frameworks.
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