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The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey 

Sparking Imagination and Action

Lead meaningful change for social and environmental sustainability.
Embed sustainability as a strategic driver of success.
Align to the SDGs and ESG.

Sustainability as a Strategic Driver of Success

Would you like to get started with making meaningful change in your workplace and community? Are you a sustainability champion looking for ways to engage more people in your organization? Has your organization started sustainability programs and you want to discover ways to go further?

This course sparks imagination and action for a better world. You will find ways to make meaningful change that lead to measurable impact. By taking a holistic stakeholder approach, you will learn how to embed sustainability into the DNA of your organization and center it as a strategic driver of success.

University Level Course | Professor Led

The course is designed at the university level and led by business and sustainability consulting professors. It covers foundational concepts in social and environmental sustainability as well as the shifting values in society and how organizations can respond to them. It then moves into the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement process that take the mystery out of how to get started and go further with sustainability initiatives. You will develop the sustainability mindsets and skillsets for today and the future while learning the steps of evaluation, imagination, innovation, and implementation across people, products, and processes while engaging people throughout your organization to participate.

Develop the top mindsets and skillsets for today and the future


  • Global
  • Compassion
  • Abundance
  • Growth
  • Changemaker


  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Circular thinking
  • Futures thinking
  • Strategic thinking
The Evolve sustainability framework

Sparking Imagination and Action

The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey™ is for changemakers and organizations of all sizes to get started and go further with environmental and social impact initiatives. Featuring the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement™process.

What to Expect

  • Live online sessions
  • Instructor coaching
  • Powerful online course
  • Unique strategy tools
  • Practical exercises
  • Peer discussions
  • Join from anywhere
  • Earn a certificate
EVOLVE Sustainability Journeys are offered in 3-week, 6-week, and 6-month cohorts.
EVOLVE Sustainability
are offered in 1-day to 1-week sessions.
EVOLVE Sustainability Highlights can be shared in 1-2 hour sessions.
Live Sessions + Online Course



From start-ups to teams to entire organizations, EVOLVE empowers people to spark imagination and take action for positive change. 


Make meaningful change that leads to measurable impact. Gain holistic insights that align to global goals and standards, while creating value across stakeholders.


The four steps cover the spectrum of designing sustainability plans and solving problems while inspiring organizations to become the highest versions of themselves.

Continuous Improvement

From refining your organization's purpose and values to embedding sustainability into its DNA, EVOLVE takes you on a journey of continuous improvement for sustainability.

Traditional Consulting vs Knowledge Transfer

Most consulting services send in a team of experts to perform an analysis and provide recommendations. Evolution University flips the script by empowering people within an organization to gain the skillsets and mindsets to solve problems imaginatively and effectively. We provide the frameworks, practices, content, and facilitation that transfers knowledge to your team and inspires new ways of thinking and being.
People are your greatest asset and we help increase value across all of your stakeholders from employees, customers, communities, investors, and supply chains. No one knows your business better than you and with Evolution University's courses and training services, this will be even more true. Send us a message and let’s get the conversation started.

The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey

What people are saying  

"Compassion is at the core for regenerative systems and social innovation. The Evolve Sustainability Framework helps me integrate compassion-based frameworks with systems thinking and design thinking approaches. I loved Joni's practical approach of having a project to understand stakeholder engagement, designing for future and resources such a biomimicry. I would recommend this course for individuals as well as professionals working in the same team/company to experience this course by Joni Roberts."
Jahnavi Mange, Sustainability & Regenerative Design Strategist, California 
"I had the pleasure of participating in the EVOLVE Sustainability Journey pilot program, and it was truly a transformative experience. The program provided a comprehensive and engaging approach to understanding and contributing to sustainability. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the well-structured curriculum, thoughtful discussions, and support from the facilitators. The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey wasn't just about theory; it was designed to empower participants to take action. The practical tools, resources, and action plans provided helped me translate newfound knowledge into tangible initiatives. It's truly a program that equips you with the skills and mindset needed to make a positive impact in your personal life, community, and beyond."
Joel Amani Mafigi, Co-Founder, Director at Unleashed (Potentials in Motion), Isingiro, Western Region, Uganda
"An excellent advanced learning program. Several points to recommend to everyone-- excellent learning for the transformation of education with love and mind and we all have the ability to solve issues for the sustainability. The program has helped me understand many things. The interconnection in several of cases raised was excellent because as an educator, learning never ends."
Alfonso Navarro Carvallo, CEO and Teacher, EliteSDGs Business Consulting, Peru and Chile
"Awesome program!"
Nouira Mohamed SalahBiologist, Ministry of Education, Tunisia

Gain Holistic Insights | Solve Core Problems | Create the Future

Session 1: The Sustainability Evolution

  • Explore contemporary concepts of sustainability and the evolving design of commerce.
  • Explore ways people and the planet can thrive in the process of creating products and services. 
  • Discover how organizations transition to sustainability and become purpose-driven.
  • Center social and environmental sustainability as the strategic drivers of success. 

Session 2: The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework

  • Apply frameworks for sustainability including the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework™ and Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement™ process.
  • Discover opportunities for meaningful change by aligning to global goals and standards.
  • Identify areas for application in your organization across people, products, and processes.

Session 3: Evaluation

  • Apply the first of four steps in the EVOLVE framework: evaluation. 
  • Investigate the current conditions and experiences of stakeholders by connecting with empathy and compassion. 
  • Determine areas of improvement for social and environmental sustainability across people, products, and processes. 
  • Assess baseline measurements for impact and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting.

Session 4: Imagination 

  • Spark imagination by asking "what if" and "what would great look like?"
  • Open to possibilities of a future that works for all people and nature.
  • Engage in ideation and decision-making tools.
  • Explore sustainability design methods such as life cycle analysis, systems thinking, and the circular economy. 
  • Align to the organization's purpose, vision, and values.

Session 5: Innovation

  • Engage in innovation processes to achieve the desired state.
  • Integrate sustainability methods for innovative thinking and design.
  • Evaluate options such as make, buy, redesign, and collaborations.
  • Determine the required investment of people, time, and money.
  • Ensure alignment to global goals and standards for achieving social and environmental sustainability.

Session 6: Implementation

  • Determine how success will be achieved and implemented. 
  • Craft an action plan, goals, and key performance indicators.
  • Determine how impact will be measured, monitored, and improved. 
  • Collect data for ESG and impact reporting.
  • Continuously EVOLVE sustainability initiatives by repeating the steps in the framework!  
Meet the instructor

Joni Roberts, IMBA

As the Founder and Chief Evolution Officer of Evolution University, Joni combines her unique experience as an international entrepreneur and business professor with a passion for creating a more joyful, prosperous, and sustainable world. She is the creator of the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement process as well as a book author and online course creator. You can follow her on social media with the hashtag #EvolveOurWorld.

Evolution University is a United Nations global goals partner

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Big challenges need bold action to overcome them, and that is where the Global Goals come in. They are a plan led by the United Nations and agreed to by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030, and we all have a role in achieving them.

Educational content offered by Evolution University aligns to achieving the SDGs by providing people practical ways to learn, grow, and evolve together and take meaningful action for the goals. The mindsets and skillsets developed in this course support the achievement of all 17 SDGs.
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