Build Better Relationships

Cultivating Connection

With the Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations eBook and eJournal

A simple, yet powerful practice for bringing MORE connection and authenticity to our relationships.

Created by Joni Roberts, Founder of Evolution University
Relationships are life! It is through our relationships with ourselves and one another that we find purpose and meaning. How we express ourselves and interpret the world around us have a profound impact on our life stories and experiences. The Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations™ practice helps us create better relationships by increasing connection and authentic relating.

This practice will help you: 
  • increase happiness and gratefulness
  • reduce and transform stress
  • explore your life experiences
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • manage differences constructively
  • build better relationships
Included is the eBook, eJournal, peer discussions, instructor interaction, and additional resources.
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Aligned to the SDGs
eBook + eJournal


Engaging Easy-to-Read eBook

Inspired by the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, a global peace facilitator and creator of non-violent communication, learn how to understand your life experiences and connect with others in ways that build trust and where you can be seen, heard and understood.

Beautiful Interactive eJournal

Journaling is a proven practice for reinforcing new ideas and ways of being. The 100-page companion eJournal with inspirational quotes by the author, Joni Roberts, will guide you through a journey of self-reflection and discovery. Type directly into the eJournal or print and write.

Develop Better Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate directly, effectively, and with care. Connect to your feelings and find effective strategies for getting your needs met. Practice engaging with empathy and compassion by openly listening and activating the power centers of your heart and mind.

Cultivate Authentic Connection

Share the Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations practice with friends, family, and coworkers and discover more about one another, create a deeper sense of belonging, and build better relationships. More than simply saying thanks, the practice helps you connect in meaningful ways through the sharing of feelings, needs, and experiences.

Transform Cultures 

Transform personal and work cultures from the pain of surviving to the bliss of thriving. Disconnection that stems from a lack of celebrations and appreciations quickly puts people in a place of shutting down, withholding, and unhappiness. Devastation from poorly handled frustrations can cause lasting conflicts. This practice readily brings people to a place of wanting to contribute to one another's wellbeing and success.

Infuse Good Vibes

Good relationships happen with intention, new habits, and ways of being together. The Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations practice immediately infuses good vibes into relationships and provides healthy ways to transform areas of stress. Try it and you will notice the difference in the quality of your communications in both the depths and heights of connection.
Compassion at the core

The Roots of Nonviolent Communication

Truth | Love | Peace | Freedom | Cooperation

Mahatma Ghandi & Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leaders, Non-violent Social change
In the early 1900s, Mahatma Ghandi applied satyagraha, or holding to truth, to successfully lead peaceful protests for India's freedom and independence. In the 1950s, Ghandi became a guiding light for Martin Luther King by showing how truth and love can win when fighting for racial justice. 

Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

Creator, Non-violent communication
In the 1960s, Marshall Rosenberg developed nonviolent communication (NVC) based on peace, freedom, and the principle of ahimsa – the natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart. “While we may not consider the way we talk to be ‘violent,’ words often lead to hurt and pain, whether for others or ourselves.”

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft
In the workplace, NVC is used to build empathetic communication, openness, and trust. When Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, he gave Rosenberg's NVC book to his leadership team and calls it: "The one book that transformed Microsoft's culture from cutthroat to creative."

Joni Roberts

Founder, Evolution University
Compassion is the core to social and environmental sustainability and raises the standards of what is possible. When we connect empathetically with people, animals, and nature, we can ask what would great look like and take actions to improve conditions and experiences that lead to better relationships and a better world.
As humanity is evolving from power-over structures to power-with, we have the gift of enjoying more fully expressed lives, creating more meaningful relationships, and showing greater care for one another. This is true both personally and professionally. 

The Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations practice helps us create better relationships by increasing connection and authentic relating. It's for parents who want to strengthen their families and model behaviors, it's for romantic partners who want to preserve and deepen the love between them, it's for friends who are looking for fun ways to learn more about each other, and it's for organizations and teams who wish to enhance open communication and increase discovery.

By the time you finish this book, you will be ready to get started by putting aside your digital devices, being fully present, opening your hearts and minds, and asking three simple questions:

  • What are you celebrating?
  • What are you appreciating?
  • What is frustrating you?

What people are saying  

Josephine Catuogno

Kean University Student
Must Read!
This was a fantastic book! I enjoyed reading every word and I felt like the format was very easy to read and the information helped me to implement new techniques into my relationships. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

Lauren Gianino

Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Insightful, Easy to Read Format
Simple and incisive, this book is an important one! In this world of endless technology, it’s easy to overlook the importance of fostering these critical human behaviors that connect us and help us feel joy and contentment in everyday life. I found the content insightful and relevant to a wide variety of readers from all walks of life.

Tery Spataro

Researcher, Strategist, Futurist
Thought Provoking, Insightful
Sometimes we forget our connection to our family, friends, community, nature, and earthly environment. Joni Roberts writes a timely and inspirational book to bring purpose and meaning to our lives through celebrating, appreciating, what's around us, and understanding frustrations that are learning experiences. This book is thorough and thought-provoking, with helpful exercises and insightful takeaways.

David Voss

President, Voss & Associates
Small Book, Big Impact
This book is a brief, thoughtful and insightful mirror into our soul, allowing the reader to figure out how to find joy and overcome habits that impede our progress in relationships. Through simple steps and common sense language, Joni Roberts drives home the point that compassion and connections will bring authenticity to our relationships. It takes about a 90 minutes to read (the book) and more time to practice, and then you will reap the rewards.

Do you desire MORE connection and authenticity in your relationships?

Would you like to engage a facilitator to lead groups through the practices?

Meet the Author

Joni Roberts, Chief Evolution Officer

With a passion for empowering people through education, Joni combines her unique experience in entrepreneurship and higher education with a mission to create a more joyful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

In addition to founding Evolution University, Joni is a leadership, organizational behavior, global strategy, innovation, and sustainability professor since 2008 and currently teaches for Kean University in New Jersey. In 2012, she became involved in the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. and nonviolent communication (NVC). Today this is expressed through her book, Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations: A simple, yet powerful practice for bringing MORE connection and authenticity to our relationships and the corresponding online courses: Cultivating Connection and The Power of Authentic Connection.
Patrick Jones - Course author
"Compassion raises the standard of what is possible." - Joni Roberts
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Changing the world starts with changing ourselves, our relationships with one another, and the gorgeous planet we share. Social and environmental sustainability begins with skills in empathy and compassion, connecting to our authentic selves and deep passions, and standing strong in the power of love and truth.

This advanced course expands on the teachings of Cultivating Connection and is designed to be an insightful personal journey as well as an excellent sustainability leadership and team training tool.
Evolution University is a United Nations global goals partner

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs
Big challenges need bold action to overcome them, and that is where the Global Goals come in. They are a plan led by the United Nations and agreed to by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030, and we all have a role in achieving them.

Educational content offered by Evolution University aligns to achieving the SDGs by providing people practical ways to learn, grow, and evolve together and take meaningful action for the goals. The mindsets and skillsets developed in this course support all of the SDGs and in particular the following.
Good Health & Wellbeing
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. We are spending an astonishing amount of money and resources on treating illnesses that are surprisingly easy to prevent. The new goal for worldwide good health promotes healthy lifestyles, mental health and well-being, preventive measures and modern, efficient healthcare for everyone.

In the workplace,
this shows up as more happiness and job satisfaction, higher engagement levels, better health and wellness, and reduced sick days.
Reduced Inequalities
Reduce inequalities within and among countries. Too much of the world’s wealth is held by a very small group of people.This often leads to financial and social discrimination. In order for nations to flourish, equality and prosperity must be available to everyone – regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs or economic status. When every individual is self sufficient, the entire world prospers.

In the workplace,
this fits into diversity, equity, and inclusion programs where all people have a sense of belonging and opportunities to prosper.
Quality Education
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination and is fundamental for self-respect. It is the key to prosperity and opens a world of opportunities, making it possible for each of us to contribute to a progressive, healthy society. Learning benefits every human being and should be available to all.

In the workplace, continuous learning and professional development are an investment in people, who in return drive the success of the organization.
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Compassion and a strong moral compass is essential to every democratic society. Yet, persecution, injustice and abuse still runs rampant and is tearing at the very fabric of civilization. We must ensure that we have strong institutions, global standards of justice, and a commitment to peace everywhere.

In the workplace,
this shows up as governance and leadership that is grounded in ethics, compassion, peace, and justice.
Partnership for the Goals
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. The Global Goals can only be met if we work together. International investments and support is needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access, especially for developing countries. To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative.

In the workplace,
partnering for the goals develops the mindsets of global, compassion, abundance, growth and changemaker, that represent the top skills for today and the future.
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