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We are a sustainability leadership training startup supporting changemakers around the world! We've been running on the energy of passion, creativity, and flow states to bring forth innovative practices and frameworks that support a new way of being that's better for us, and the world. We've built the foundation, now we need your help to grow.

Launched during the pandemic, Evolution University was born global and has members from over 50 countries across five continents. We value inclusivity and offer free membership with access to a Resource Hub, Evolution News, and Community Conversations as well as a mix of free and paid on-demand courses, facilitated trainings, and consulting services that spark imagination and action for social and environmental sustainability. We believe we succeed when all succeed and offer a robust scholarship program to support high potentials in developing nations.
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1:1:1 Fundraiser

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For each seat purchased, we are gifting in return complimentary coaching sessions and a scholarship to support a high potential in a developing nation.

You Grow, We all Grow

Our founder, Joni Roberts, is an avid open water swimmer living in Jacksonville, Florida and Friend of UN World Oceans Day. To honor the ocean and its role in sustaining humanity and all life on Earth,  we selected UN World Oceans Month of June to launch updated versions of our courses and give a scholarship for every course purchase. To make it even better, we've added complimentary coaching sessions.
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become a better sustainability leader

Our Learning Philosophy

We are living through a time of great transformation where we are tasked with imagining how we can live in harmony with nature and one another. The path we've been on, especially in the past 50 years of consumption-driven economics and excessive burning of fossil fuels, is stressing the planet and causing global crises related to pollution and degradation of our air, land, water, oceans, forests, ecosystems, and societies.

To overcome these issues, we are in the process of developing an evolving design of commerce where people and the planet thrive in the process of creating products and services. This requires different skillsets and ways of thinking and being than any other time in the history of humankind. We need to harvest the best of everything we know, undo the worst practices affecting people and the planet, and create a future that is brighter for everyone.

Our learning journeys combine our unique proprietary tools and frameworks with the best sustainability methods and responsible business practices. The teachings are universal and apply to all industries and organizations from startups to established enterprises.

Lead the Change

Develop the top mindsets and skillsets for today and the future

We've identified five essential mindsets and five cognitive competencies that represent a global skilling crisis unmet by most higher education and corporate training programs. Developing these competences is key to transforming our lives, our workplaces, and the world. Our learning journeys integrate the mindsets and skillsets as well as global goals and sustainability standards like the Paris Agreement, Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Agreement, and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). We are proud to be an advocate for the SDGs from our beginning and official UN Global Goals Week Partner since 2023.


  • Global
  • Compassion
  • Abundance
  • Growth
  • Changemaker


  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Circular thinking
  • Futures thinking
  • Strategic thinking

What people are saying  

We are grateful for the positive feedback we have received from our members and look forward to taking more people on unique and powerful learning journeys. 
Compassion is at the core for regenerative systems and social innovation. The Evolve Sustainability Framework helps me integrate compassion-based frameworks with systems thinking and design thinking approaches. I recommend this course for individuals as well as professionals working in the same team/company to experience this course by Joni Roberts. 
Jahnavi Mange, Sustainability & Regenerative Design Strategist, California 
The series of workshops titled "Celebrations & Communications" was part of our professional learning, with a focus on self-awareness to increase cohesion and build productive work relationships among staff. The series was beautifully curated and served to open dialog across the organization that has helped us improve both socially and in terms of our work product.
David Shulman, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Director for the Saylor Academy
The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey was truly a transformative experience. The program provided a comprehensive and engaging approach to understanding and contributing to sustainability. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the well-structured curriculum, thoughtful discussions, and support from the facilitators. It wasn't just about theory; it was designed to empower participants to take action.
Joel Amani Mafigi, Co-Founder, Director at Unleashed (Potentials in Motion), Isingiro, Western Region, Uganda

Grow Faster with these Amazing Packages

Evolution University, Inc. is a social enterprise with a corporate legal structure. Courses are considered professional development and can typically be taken as a tax deduction or business expense. Check with a tax expert who can give accurate advice given your situation and location.


Enroll in a Course | Help Fund a Scholarship | Receive Bonus Offers!

Today through World Oceans Month of June or until seats are filled.

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Cultivating Connection

Learn the Celebrations, Appreciations & Frustrations practice designed by Joni Roberts that will help you create better relationships by increasing connection and authentic relating.

This practice will help you: 

  • increase happiness and gratefulness
  • reduce and transform stress
  • explore your life experiences
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • manage differences constructively
  • build better relationships

Three 60-minute group coaching calls worth $75 per person and $1500 per group! Time and dates to be determined based on participants. Recordings will be available. 
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The Power of Authentic Connection

Inspired by the legacies of Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, learn how to communicate from a place of love and truth. 

Build on the teachings of Cultivating Connection to become an inspiring leader for people and the planet. Go deeper into the practices of empathy-- the number one skill of great leaders, and compassion-- the highest form of human intelligence, to transform workplaces and the world. Find your authentic voice and express it with confidence while adopting the constructive behaviors and mindsets of global, compassion, abundance, growth, and changemaker. This course is designed to be an insightful personal journey as well as an excellent sustainability leadership and team training tool.

 Three 60-minute group coaching calls worth $75 per person and $1500 per group! Group calls will be held in July. Time and dates to be determined based on participants. Recordings will be available.

One 60-minute individual coaching call valued at $150 to discuss your personal challenges and strategies for navigating them effectively. 
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The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey | 5 people for 6 Sessions

Sparking imagination and action for a more sustainable world.
This comprehensive and transformational course takes you through the four steps of the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and integrates the top mindsets and skillsets for today and the future. From becoming a purpose-driven organization to a leader in sustainability, you will learn how to make meaningful change for people and the planet by embedding sustainability across the organization and centering it as a strategic driver of success. 

Offered as an on-demand course with six live 90-minute virtual sessions. Held over 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on organizational requirements.

An $1800 value per person ($9k) offered for $5k for a team of up to five people with five scholarships gifted.

A seventh follow-up session valued at $1500 to discuss successes and challenges of moving through the EVOLVE framework.
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The EVOLVE Sustainability Sprint

In this fast-paced sprint, we combine the best of 21st century sustainability practices with the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework to spark imagination and action for a better world. As a highly interactive mastermind session, you will learn about the four steps of evaluation, imagination, innovation, and implementation and team up to find solutions to achieve the SDGs. You will also discover how putting compassion at the center leads to better decision making and a more sustainable world.

BONUS OFFER: A $149 value for $99.

Virtual | 4 hours | Time and dates to be determined based on participants. Multiple sessions will be offered throughout the year. May be done in one day or across multiple days. In-person sprints are possible within a reasonable distance from Jacksonville, Florida.
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MOREcompassion for People and the Planet

A free course with a value of $149. Provide a donation of any amount to support the continuation of offering of this course that is enriching people around the world.
Meet Our Founder

Joni Roberts, IMBA

As the Founder and Chief Evolution Officer of Evolution University, Joni combines her unique experience as an international entrepreneur and business professor with a passion for creating a more joyful, prosperous, and sustainable world. She is the creator of the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Engagement process as well as a book author and online course creator. You can follow her on social media with the hashtag #EvolveOurWorld.

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