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Evolving Our World through Education, Everyday Actions, and Entrepreneurship

We have some exciting news to share. As a startup with big dreams, we have come through the first year with greater clarity on our mission, vision, values, and mindsets and have found a way to express these through: 


A major upgrade to our website! 


We would love for you to take a look and share with people you know who are ready to evolve our world through education, everyday actions, and entrepreneurship. There is truly a place in our school for everyone interested in playing a role in creating a better world.

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Check out our curated newsfeed with an emphasis on optimism, science, and sustainability. Drop the negative news and bookmark this page to feed your mind and spirit with ways to solve problems and make the world a better place—and upgrade your dinner conversations! 


Two new social media campaigns  


In collaboration with Josephine Catuogno, our social media intern from Kean University, we have launched two social media campaigns: Mindset Mondays and Wasteless Wednesdays. 


Monday Mindsets


For Mindset Mondays, we will inspire you with one of the “Five Essential Mindsets” identified that will evolve us and our world. As a deep thinker, I thought long and hard over which mindsets to adopt and these are it: Global, Compassion, Abundance, Growth, and Changemaker. You will find these themes woven throughout our courses and conversations. 


#1. Global: We view ourselves as global citizens and see the planet as one. What we do here affects the wellbeing of people and ecosystems around the world. 


#2. Compassion: “Compassion is a mindset with a heartbeat” and the foundation for creating better relationships and a better world. 


#3. Abundance: We believe in creating a world where prosperity is available to everyone. We tap into our generous natures to find ways for people and the planet to thrive. 


#4. Growth: We see challenges as opportunities for discovery. We adapt and grow to better ourselves and the world. 


#5. Changemaker: We make positive change by identifying problems, creating solutions, and leading collective action for the greater good.


Visit our Evolution University social sites to start your Mondays with tips on how to cultivate the mindsets. 


Wasteless Wednesdays


If you are like most people, you want to help solve sustainability issues yet may feel a bit overwhelmed with sorting out how to get started. Maybe you’re even wondering if what you do makes a difference at all. 


Wasteless Wednesdays takes you through an issue from why it matters to how you can help. We’ll show you how your actions can align to the Global Sustainable Development Goals that unify us. When we add up our individual actions across millions and billions of people around the planet, together we can make exponential change. Now that’s exciting! 


Follow us on Evolution University and MOREcompassion social sites to join in on serving the world through everyday actions. 


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International Women's Month

“We cannot achieve sustainability without gender equality." 
– Joni Roberts, Chief Evolution Officer, Evolution University 


Balance and harmony with our world are impossible without gender equality. With it comes better decision making at all levels of society as well as environmental progress. Gender equality feeds into the successful achievement of all 17 of the sustainable development goals.


On International Women's Day and every day, Evolution University supports SDG5 for Gender Equality and care for women and girls throughout their lives and at all levels of the workplace. Our online school directly supports SDG4 Quality Education and offers scholarships to increase access for women (and all genders) in disadvantaged circumstances.

Recommended Free Course

To celebrate women this month, check out the UN Global Compact Academy E-learning Course on Gender Equality to learn how supporting women leads to optimal outcomes for companies and social and environmental sustainability. The course has excellent tools for accelerating the pace of change.  

Then join us and thousands of other companies in taking action by becoming a signatory of the 
“CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles” established by UN Global Compact and UN Women. You will find more about this in the course.

Thank You!

You are the ones who believed in us when we just got started. Your enthusiasm and support confirm what we are doing matters. This is only the beginning with more to come over the next few months and year ahead. We keep dreaming big because we need to. We all need to so we can truly create a better world. 

Share the message with someone you know and let's keep the momentum going. 

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