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The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey for Climate Action

Solving problems related to climate change is one of the most important endeavors of our time. To ready ourselves to imagine, lead, and integrate optimal outcomes for people and the planet, Evolution University is offering a six-week training intensive leading up to the biggest conference of the year to unite, act, and deliver on climate action-- COP28.

Join us October 22 - December 2 for an EVOLVE Sustainability Journey that readies you to lead and take action for climate solutions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During COP28
 taking place November 30 - December 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Evolution University will host an additional live session highlighting individuals and organizations that apply the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework to make positive impact for climate and interrelated SDGs. Be part of the action and get noticed for your accomplishments!

This year marks the half-way point in the timeline to achieve climate action goals set forth in The Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs by 2030. We are counting on you to join us by coming together to cultivate ideas, identify solutions, and take action to solve a wide range of complex social and environmental problems that impact the wellbeing of people and our planet. 
  • 6-Week program
  • Oct 24 - Nov 28
  • 1 x Weekly live sessions
  • Tuesday | 10:30 am - Noon Eastern
  • Instructor interaction
  • Powerful online course
  • Join from anywhere
  • Practical exercises
  • Take action for climate and the SDGs
  • Earn a certificate

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To address today’s global challenges, a new approach has emerged: The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework. A comprehensive process centered in compassion that raises the standards of what is possible.
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The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey is for changemakers and organizations of all sizes to get started and go farther with environmental and social impact initiatives. 
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Evolution University is is a proud partner for the United Nations Global Goals Week and acts as an amplifier, empowering changemakers through education, imagination, and action to make impact for the goals faster and more effectively.

Become a purpose-driven changemaker that solves problems for people and the planet.


Make meaningful impact locally and globally.


Raise the standard of what's possible across all stakeholders.


Embed sustainability as the strategic driver of success.

  What people are saying.

"I had the pleasure of participating in the EVOLVE Sustainability Journey pilot program, and it was truly a transformative experience. The program provided a comprehensive and engaging approach to understanding and contributing to sustainability. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the well-structured curriculum, thoughtful discussions, and support from the facilitators.

Throughout the program, I gained a deeper understanding of the pressing global challenges we face and how each of us can play a vital role in creating positive change. The focus on the United Nations' Global Goals made the journey even more meaningful, as we explored ways to align our actions with these important objectives.

Moreover, the EVOLVE Sustainability Journey wasn't just about theory; it was designed to empower participants to take action. The practical tools, resources, and action plans provided helped me translate newfound knowledge into tangible initiatives. It's truly a program that equips you with the skills and mindset needed to make a positive impact in your personal life, community, and beyond.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in the pilot program and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to deepen their commitment to sustainability and contribute to a better world. Thank you to the EVOLVE team for creating such an inspiring and empowering experience!"

Joel Amani Mafigi


Isingiro, Western Region, Uganda

The EVOLVE Sustainability Journey

Gain Insights | Uplevel Skills | Build a Sustainability Plan | Create the Future

Session 1: The Sustainability Evolution

  • Explore contemporary concepts of sustainability and the evolving design of commerce.
  • Explore ways people and the planet can thrive in the process of creating products and services. 
  • Discover how organizations transition to sustainability and become purpose-driven.
  • Center social and environmental sustainability as the strategic drivers of success. 

Session 2: The EVOLVE Sustainability Framework

  • Apply frameworks for sustainability including the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework™ and the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Approach™.
  • Discover opportunities for meaningful change by aligning to global goals and standards.
  • Identify areas for application in your organization across people, products, and processes.

Session 3: Evaluation

  • Apply the first of four steps in the EVOLVE framework: evaluation. 
  • Investigate the current conditions and experiences of stakeholders. 
  • Determine areas of improvement for social and environmental sustainability across people, products, and processes. 
  • Assess baseline measurements for impact and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting.

Session 4: Imagination 

  • Spark imagination by asking "what if" questions and others such as "what would great look like?" 
  • Engage in ideation and decision-making tools.
  • Explore sustainability design methods such as life cycle analysis, systems thinking, and the circular economy. 
  • Align to the organization's purpose, vision, and values.

Session 5: Innovation

  • Engage in innovation processes to achieve the desired state.
  • Integrate sustainability methods for innovative thinking and design.
  • Evaluate options such as make, buy, redesign, and collaborations.
  • Determine the required investment of people, time, and money.
  • Ensure alignment to global goals and standards for achieving social and environmental sustainability.

Session 6: Implementation

  • Determine how success will be achieved and implemented. 
  • Craft an action plan, goals, and key performance indicators.
  • Determine how impact will be measured, monitored, and improved. 
  • Collect data for ESG and impact reporting.
  • Continuously EVOLVE sustainability initiatives by repeating the steps in the framework!  

The Learning Journey

Estimated time to complete the course is 30 hours divided evenly between:

1. Instructor coaching, live sessions, and peer interaction. 

2. Learning content engagement through readings and videos.
3. Practice exercises and assignments for real world application.

The course content will remain open for the foreseeable future and for at least one year. 
Meet the instructor

Joni Roberts

As the Founder and Chief Evolution Officer of Evolution University, Joni combines her unique experience as an international entrepreneur and business professor with a passion for creating a more joyful, prosperous, and sustainable world. She is the creator of the EVOLVE Sustainability Framework and the Compassion-Centered Stakeholder Approach as well as a book author and online course creator. You can follow her on social media with the hashtag #EvolveOurWorld.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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