Welcoming changemakers with a passion for creating a better world

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What Defines Us

We are committed to providing quality education, resources, and community to empower changemakers to evolve our world.

What Drives Us

We aim for global change where compassion is at the center of decision making, leading to optimal outcomes for people, prosperity, and the planet. 


Values shape our programs and services.

Quality Education

Courses are designed at the quality level of university courses with content that is engaging, thought provoking, impact focused, and action oriented.


Evolution University is where you up level your competencies to make meaningful change. You will learn how to become an inspiring leader, collaborator, innovator, purpose driven entrepreneur, and changemaker.


We believe connection with others is a key success factor for taking on challenges and persevering. We have community built in to our school and our courses where you can meet one another and share knowledge, insights, and ideas.


We believe education is a pathway to empower smart people to make positive change. These efforts become exponential when aligned with global sustainability frameworks that unify us. 


It's one thing to say let's create a better world, and a more challenging undertaking to make it happen. Earning a certificate readies you to take action and apply the skills needed to be successful in the real world right away.

Spirit of Giving

When you give, you grow. Evolution University is a member of Pledge 1%, a global movement in which giving is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes. EU has pledged 1% of profits, product, and time to improving the lives of people and the condition of our planet. 

5 Essential Mindsets

Mindsets shape our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

#1. Global

We view ourselves as global citizens and see the planet as one. What we do here affects the wellbeing of people and ecosystems around the world.

#2. Compassion

“Compassion is a mindset with a heartbeat” and the foundation for creating better relationships and a better world.

#3. Abundance

We believe in creating a world where prosperity is available to everyone. We tap into our generous natures to find ways for people and the planet to thrive.

#4. Growth

We see challenges as opportunities for discovery. We adapt and grow to better ourselves and the world.

#5. Changemaker

We make positive change by identifying problems, creating solutions, and leading collective action for the greater good.

Monday Mindsets Series

Follow our social media series where we explore the "5 Essential Mindsets that Evolve Us, and Our World"
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